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What is Imprimo?

Imprimo is a digital destination where you can document your artistic journey, professionally present your CV and portfolio, and enhance your claim to copyright ownership  - while meeting some of the most talented established and emerging artists worldwide.

Here’s what artists are saying about Imprimo.

Linds Miyo
Toronto, Canada

“Displaying my Imprimo artwork QR code for my gallery showings allows viewers to instantly dive into my personal story and the artwork creation story adding value to my work and building my professional brand”

Randa Hijazi
Laval, Canada

“Imprimo has become the foundation for my professional life by providing a digital destination to expand the story of my work and to protect my art and my reputation.  It completes my life as an artist. ”

Benedict Carpenter
Leicester, United Kingdom

“Often, emerging artists drive viewers to their artwork online vs a gallery. They need to reassure  that it is genuinely their work, but also, more broadly, that there is a human connection to the work. And that’s what Imprimo does really well”


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Verified, Professional Online Presence - 100% Hassle Free

Imprimo makes building a professional online presence easy. Nothing to drag, nothing to drop. Upload your whole portfolio in a few clicks and let Imprimo help you tell your story.

Showcase your artist profile, your CV, your artworks and collections in a way that drives engagement with your work.

Support your artwork records with chronological, evidence-based storytelling, including documents, photos and videos.

Industry Best Protection

Imprimo uses real-world evidence to build a definitive link between you and your work. This means galleries, curators and collectors can discover art and artists on Imprimo with confidence that the information they see is information they can trust.

Our blockchain registration process timestamps your creation claims permanently and publicly displays your copyright notice, helping to protect you from unauthorized use.

Discover & Be Discovered

Are you ready to meet opportunities when they strike? Having a professional online presence that properly documents your work will help you with everything from making art world connections to streamlining your next grant application, to showing a gallery why they should work with you.

Imprimo puts your work in front of art lovers and galleries browsing for new artistic talent.

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